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13 Curious Facts About Coffee

13 Curious Facts About Coffee Image
13 Curious Facts About Coffee Image

Facts about coffee. There is a drink that has made a space in the heart of millions of people around the world.

13 Curious Facts About Coffee

There is an exclusive space dedicated just for her just as she always saves a specific time in the day to be next to her in the comfort of our favorite place.

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13 Curious Facts About Coffee

Did you guess what it is? Exactly! Yes, we are talking about coffee. The delicious drink that gives us happiness and makes us feel better and with much more energy to continue on our work day and the many things we need to do.

In fact, strong coffee has become an important part of the life of all coffee lovers and that is why today we bring you this 13 curious facts about coffee. So you know the most eccentric things about your favorite drink.

Curious Facts About Coffee to Know

Curious Facts About Coffee
13 Curious Facts About Coffee Shorts

1. Long ago, according to an urban legend, coffee was discovered in the 9th century by a goat herder in Ethiopia who realized that his goats went wild by consuming these rare grains.

2. In New York, people drink 7 times more coffee than anywhere else. That’s why NYC calls it “The City That Never Sleeps!”

3. Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day is customary for some, maybe up to 4. However, if you get to 100 cups in a day, the dosage could be lethal. Caution!

4. Although some people enjoy black coffee, coffee with milk will always be one of the most chosen options among the public. This mixture was due to a French doctor who prescribed it to his patients in the 1600s.

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5. Voltaire was a genius, however, he had his eccentric and peculiar touches he drank 50 cups of coffee a day! WOW! That is a bunch of coffee!!

6. Espresso is so important in Italy that it is regulated by the government as a product. more infogain.fas.usda.gov

7. In ancient Arab culture, there was only one way for women to divorce their husbands. They could only be separated if the husband did not provide enough coffee for them. How strange!

8. Coffee beans are actually the mouth of a blackberry, which makes them a fruit.

9. Coffee has been the center of inspiration for many artists. It is even the gasoline of some who keeps them awake and helps them to continue their long working days.

10. Johan Sebastian Bach wrote an opera about a woman who was addicted to coffee.

11. The first web cam was created in Cambridge with the purpose not to see people, but to know if there was still coffee in the coffee maker. With coffee all, without coffee nothing!  more info: Wikipedia.org/Coffee Cam

12. In Japan, you can bathe in coffee, tea or wine in one of the most exclusive spas (However it is not allowed to drink it)

13. Coffee also functions as a problem solver. In Ireland, coffee is given to tourists as they are leaving the country to help them overcome the cold gradually.

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