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Enjoy A Hot Cup Of Coffee to Start Your Day Right

Hot Cup of Coffee
Enjoy a Hot Cup of Coffee

Hot Cup of Coffee: Grab a Nice Hot Cup Of Coffee, sit back, relax, and ENJOY!!!

You don’t have to feel guilty about drinking a few cups of coffee!!

I figure, if you wait long enough, some study somewhere, will find that there is some kind of medicinal benefit to just about everything we like to eat or drink.

Enjoy A Hot Cup Of Coffee to Start Your Day Right

I like to have a few cups of coffee a day – and now the researchers say it’s o.k. Thank you, God!!! How do you like your Hot Cup of Coffee? Let us know in the comments below.

Hot Cup of Coffee Video

The Effects of a Hot Cup Of Coffee

The slightly warm cup of coffee you hold in your hands every day could give you a view of the other people, yourself, and even the world around you.

A study reveals that people who hold something warm or warm between their hands become more generous and tolerant.

A study by the University of Colorado reveals that people who hold warm elements between their hands see others as more kind and that they themselves become more generous towards others.

What did the study consent to?

There were almost 50 volunteers, all students of the university, some were asked to grab a cup of hot coffee and others a glass of cold water while being shown on a computer personal photos of an unknown person.

Each participant was then given an envelope with basic information about the person … if she was married, she was engaged, if she had children, etc., so that they could know her a little better.

He was then asked to measure the personality traits of the person including those related to attributes, such as ‘ generous ‘ or ‘ ungenerous ‘, ‘ happy ‘ or ‘ unhappy ‘, ‘ cheerful ‘ or ‘ hateful ‘, etc.

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The students who had touched them hold the hot coffee cup assessed significantly better the person.

No doubt the effect of physical temperature is not just for how we see others.” It also affects our own behavior, says John Bargh, one of the researchers, with regard to holding something warm between his hands makes us more generous.

Cool Gadget for Your Hot Cup of Coffee

Hot Cup of Coffee
USB Coffee Cup Warmer

You can even keep your Cup of Coffee hot and charge your phone, tablet, or backup battery. All while enjoying your coffee.

I found this cool USB Coffee Cup Warmer gadget at Amazon and I just love it… Now I can sit down, have a nice warm coffee, and relax enjoying my hot cup of coffee while my phone and my tablet are being charged.

  • Designed to keep your hot coffee, tea, or other beverages warm.
  • Powered by USB from PC/Laptop. Simply plug the USB port in
  • Easy installation no software required. Convenient cord length for use almost anywhere.
  • With 4 ports high-speed USB Hubs to Expand your computer’s connectivity.
  • Perfect for home and office use. Keep coffee/ tea/ beverage warm at 35-40°.

It certainly was a cool little gift to me.  Considering how much coffee I drink… It has paid for itself tenfold. Get one for yourself and send one as a gift here.

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A Hot Cup of Coffee Can Be Good For You

Hot Cup of Coffee“There are a lot of reasons why coffee is really good for you, coffee isn’t only a nerve stimulant it’s more than that, it’s something really healthy and something that is good for you.

Here is why it is coffee is good for you:

2 cup of hot coffee a day reduce the risk of having prostate cancer of 24%, that is really good.

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Explanation: “A number of compounds in coffee are thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, including cafestol and kahweol, which have been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth.”

4 cup of coffee each day lower your chance of having liver cancer a lot.

Coffee is rich in antioxidant which helps destroy the free radicals causing cell damage and leading to cancer cell growth.” Source: Why Coffee is Good For You

Hot Cup of Coffee Quotes

Hot Cup of Coffee
Hot Cup of Coffee Quotes

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Below are Hot Coffee Quotes that I have found on the web, and some I have made on my own.  Can you guess which ones are mine?

Hot Cup of Coffee
A Good Hot Cup of Coffee and I Can Rule The World

“Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis — a good hot cup of coffee.”

“God grant me a Hot Cup of Coffee to accept the things I cannot change”

“There’s nothing like a Hot Cup of Coffee to stimulate the brain cells”

“If I asked for a hot cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning”

“What goes best with a hot cup of coffee? Another cup”

“The second hot cup of coffee is never as good as the first”

“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a hot cup of coffee!”

“There are only two things in this world that a real man needs: a hot cup of coffee and a good woman.”

“Behind every successful man, there are many Hot Cups of Coffee”

“A Good Hot Cup of Coffee and I Can Rule The World”

How do you like your Hot Cup of Coffee every day? Please let us know in the comments below. Thank You Very Much!

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