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How to select Best Airtight Coffee Container?

Airtight Coffee Container
How to select Best Airtight Coffee Container?

Airtight Coffee ContainerWhere do you store your coffee? The container it came in? Or a fireproof safe? Or the fridge? Or just sitting open in the counter?

How to select Best Airtight Coffee Container?

Whatever you do now to keep your coffee fresh, take the time to consider whether your current airtight coffee container it’s your best option for giving you the freshest and best tasting cup of coffee. Because a GREAT cup of coffee starts off with fresh coffee beans.

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Whatever you do now, take the time to consider whether it’s your best option for providing you a flavorful mug of coffee. Because, you may already know, a great coffee mug starts off with great coffee beans. And coffee beans are just great so long as they’re fresh.

Food can be packaged in sterile, airtight containers. All foods eventually spoil if not preserved  Source: USDA.GOV

What You Ought To Know About Airtight Coffee Container

An Airtight Coffee Container isn’t simply a box with cover. Modern systems work toward one very important target: maintaining your coffee beans as fresh as easy for so long as possible.

You may think that You don’t need an Airtight Coffee Container, since you may say,

“It will come in a box. Why can’t I simply leave it the original box?”

Sure, your coffee isn’t as expensive as an Italian sports vehicle, but it really isn’t worthless. You’ve put in time locating the perfect coffee beans from your selected roaster. But once you open that covered bag, the beans start to lose their freshness and aromatics, which causes a substandard brew.

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Within an unsealed coffee container ( no, it is not sealed, no matter how hard you push the lid on ), the coffee beans face all the elements that ruin freshness. So each bean you brew, each coffee mug you sit to enjoy, it is very likely to be just a little less excellent than the previous.

Why do I need an Airtight Coffee Container?

Once it has been roasted, your strong coffee has four freshness killing enemies: air (specifical oxygen), heat, dampness, and light.

  • Oxygen: This is actually the biggest reason behind the stale container, partly because it’s so hard to combat. Revealing your coffee beans to air can lead them to go stale in simply a few days.
  • Warmth: Yes, warmth is requested roasting, and you will likely brew your coffee with warm water. However, in between those times, you want to keep it in a very good environment. Not cool like the refrigerator, though.
  • Moisture: A small amount of moisture can damage your coffee very quickly. Condensation on the frigid beans prematurely emits their oils. That is why you want to keep it from the fridge.
  • Light: Specifically sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can cause the beans to oxidize faster. Essentially the most damaging results happen straight after roasting, which explains why your roaster isn’t shipping and delivery your beans in a bag or box.

So for the freshest coffee beans, you want to avoid contact with these four enemies, which explains why you will need an Airtight Coffee Container.

Choosing Your Next Airtight Coffee Container?

It’s simply a jar, right? How complicated could it be? There are a few things that an airtight coffee container has to have.

Your Airtight Coffee Container doesn’t have to be high tech. It requires keeping out air, warmth, moisture content, and light. So any covered container is a step above the coffee bean storage in which your beans came in.

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Since you’re buying an Airtight Coffee Container, you may as well consider one specifically made for coffee. You will want a coffee container that has most, or all, of the next qualities:

  • Truly airtight
  • Opaque (to avoid light)
  • Convenient to open up/close
  • Large enough to carry at least a pound of coffee (or whatever matches your preferences)
  • Attractive on the counter
  • Counter/pantry friendly
  • A one-way valve for CO2 release

Most hand bags from roasters have a one-way valve about them that allows co2 to flee without letting air in. That is essential for newly roasted coffee beans because they release CO2 for some time as they outgas. If there is no valve, the luggage could explode.

Some Airtight Coffee Container have an identical valve release a CO2, suggesting so it causes stale coffee. The technology is unsettled on that, however.

If you’re roasting your own coffee beans, an Airtight Coffee Container with a valve is actually a great idea. It’ll allow your coffee beans to outgas without revealing them to air.

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