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The Making of Arabic Coffee

The Making of Arabic Coffee
The Making of Arabic Coffee

The Making of Arabic Coffee

Arabic Coffee. Ah coffee! Hand roasting not only took place in the coffee houses, but also at homes in the long handled cast iron roasting pan with an attached flattened spoon long enough to reach the roasting beans to stir and constantly release this addictive aroma and flavor.

The Making of Arabic Coffee
The Making of Arabic Coffee

You have not had coffee unless you have had it roasted for you by hand, ground then boiled to perfection for that ultimate cup of coffee.

From the brewing pot, the urn used for serving it to the crafty and various looking cups used. So whether you are at the market, home or attending whatever occasion, engagement, wedding, graduation, the birth of a child, a holiday, or fast visiting for a “Sahra,” a gathering to socialize.

In these parts of the world, coffee and it’s multiple ways of roasting, brewing, and serving it, arabic coffee being one of them, coffee is drank in the liters from early in the morning to the late hours of the night. Which goes without saying as farmers are early risers and are customarily to bed by midnight. Remember that early afternoon siesta helps a lot.

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Arabic Coffee Traditions

Now, coffee is the preferred drink of all generations across the new homeland. My mom and dad always had coffee brewing and their constant and warm hospitality, which they showed everyone, was and continues to be, the most gratifying gesture to me.

It’s because a lesser importance or value is placed on such things. One could argue that it’s generational or the difference in the value systems or customary traditions of the time we live in.

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It is heartwarming, however, as our own kids are more exposed to this, in the long run they will become more appreciative of this unconditional return to this wonderful, interesting and most gratifying gesture of peace, love and friendship.

How to make Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee is ground very fine compared to its counterpart American version. It is very much similar to the espresso grounds. Unlike espresso, it is traditionally sweetened with sugar or honey and spiced with whole or ground cardamom.


  • – 1 tsp coffee
  • – 1 cup water


  • – Bring water to boil (with sugar if desired)
  • – Add coffee, notice coffee with begin to foam and creamy bubbles start to form
  • – Turn heat down and perk for a short minute
  • – Pour coffee into cups and spoon some of the foam topping into each cup

Arabic coffee can be ground with cardamom or without. In fact, specialty stores stock both types of ground Arabic coffee vacuum sealed for freshness and taste.

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