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Women in Need Of Sanity


Women in Need Of Sanity. Do you feel so overwhelmed with life that you are sure you need a small mini getaway? Little trips to get away from it all are a great way to maintain your health, wellness and yes, sometimes even your peace of mind.

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Women in Need Of Sanity

Women, in general, tend to take care of everyone around them, yet do not take much time to take care of themselves. This is very bad! Things will fall apart if your mental health is not properly taken care of. Time is needed to recharge and re-energize. Don’t you think you deserve a break?

A woman is many things all at once: wife, daughter, mother, friend, partner, and lover. In today’s society that can also include business owner, carpool mom, party organizer, book-keeper, entertainer, event coordinator and more.

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When is your turn? When they do take the time to take a break, women usually feel guilty. I think women try to do it all. Don’t you deserve for little alone time for yourself?

Men find the time for fishing, golfing or to watch the latest game on tv. Not saying that man has not earned it! What we are saying is that women also need time to recharge with a little mini getaway.

By now you are shaking your head and saying that “a little getaway is not a luxury you have time for” or “going away for the weekend is out of the question”.  We are not saying you should.  We want to mention simple to do “Mini Get Aways” that you can do anytime you need one.

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Women in Need Of Sanity Need a Break

Women in Need Of Sanity Need a Break

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Next time you are overwhelmed with life and need to take a Mini Get Away you can do one of the following:

  • Use your patio. Find a comfortable spot, open up your favorite bottle and enjoy a glass of wine. (Make sure the kids don’t bother you).
  • Take a bubble bath. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, light a few candles and read a chapter of a book you have been dying to read. (Make sure to lock the doors)
  • Relax with music. Women in need of sanity can unwind with some music. When the kids are in school or when everyone is off to bed, play your favorite CD with some headphones, sit back and just relax and unwind. Women in Need Of Sanity.
  • Cook for the joy of it. Not to feed dinner to the kids and husband… but to make something that you would enjoy. (I hear Coffee Cake is awesome)

More ways for the women in need of sanity to relax

More ways for the women in need of sanity to relax

  • Call a Friend. Give your BFF a call and make plans to go for a movie, dinner or coffee. (Maybe a glass of wine or two) Take a long drive. Sometimes it pays to go for a drive… Destination in mind… Wherever the road will take you.  (Amazing how it can clear your mind).
  • Get a massage. Women in need of sanity can get a massage in the time it would take the washer and dryer to finish.  (Very relaxing thing to do).
  • Go Shopping.  Yes, shopping.  Not because you need a new pair of pants or new shoes… but because you want to go. (Any excuse to go shopping right)
  • Escape to the beach. Women in need of sanity can take a drive to their local beach, stroll along, take off your shoes, enjoy the sand in your toes.  And just relax. (Sand, sun and waves are calming)

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It is always a good idea for women in need of sanity to take the time to unwind and recharge your mind to continue being at your best for the ones you love.  Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure you take time for “YOU“.

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