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Coffee Posts for Facebook While Drinking Coffee


Coffee Posts for Facebook Making Coffee Posts for Facebook While Drinking Coffee is one of my greatest joys. Making coffee memes, Quotes, Puns, and posting them on Facebook Coffee Page.

I really enjoy making Coffee Posts for Facebook while drinking coffee. This is one of my greatest joys.

I make coffee memes, coffee quotes, coffee puns, and post them on my Facebook Coffee Page for everyone to enjoy.

Amazing Coffee Posts for Facebook

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These coffee posts images can also work as coffee posts for Instagram or coffee posts for Pinterest as well.

Over the years we have also made some amazing coffee articles like:

Those coffee articles above are only a shortlist. We have been making coffee-related content here on CoffeeNwine for many years.

I’ll be posting more coffee posts for Facebook images as I make them here.

I hope you like them. So anyway, you came here looking for coffee posts for Facebook so here we go.

Anything That Happened Before Coffee

Not Responsible for Anything Before CoffeeI’m Not Responsible for Anything That Happened Before Coffee.

I’m a very proud coffee addict.  I need my morning coffee to get me started in the day.

So anything that happens before I have had my morning cup of senses reviving drink, I take no responsibility for it.

I am Worried If I Stop Drinking Coffee

I am Worried If I Stop Drinking Coffee I Will Replace It With MurderI am Worried If I Stop Drinking Coffee I Will Replace It With Murder.

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I made these coffee posts on Instagram sizes, so I made this one here especially to be shared as a facebook coffee post.

You all understand how coffee drinkers can’t function without our morning coffee.

So I know a lot of people can relate to this coffee meme image.

It’s Thankful Thursday Coffee Day

Its Thankful Thursday Coffee DayIt’s Thankful Thursday Coffee Day.  This Thursday coffee image pops up very constantly on my Facebook feed.

Just when I think it has been long and forgotten it pops up again and again.

There is actually an article for this image.  You can find it at Thankful Thursday Morning Coffee Day.

Have a Great Coffee Thursday, Everyone.

Do Not Get Too Close To My Mug

Do Not Get Too Close To My MugDo Not Get Too Close To My Coffee Mug.  This little coffee poem image is pretty funny.

People on Facebook thought it was as well since it reached 13,000 people in a matter of days.

The coffee poem goes like this “Roses are red, coffee is black, get too close to my mug and I’ll give you a whack”.

I do not know who wrote it, but I love the way they think.

Lord Give Me Coffee and Music

Lord Give Me Coffee and Music Coffee Facebook PostsLord, Give Me Coffee and Music to get my day started right.

This a variation of that very popular Serenity prayer “God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Source: Wikipedia.orgWikipedia.org

It just changed a bit to have coffee and music in the prayer.
“Lord, Give me Coffee to Change The Things I Can And Music to Accept The Things I Can’t.”

Lord Give Me Coffee or a Bigger Hammer

Lord Give Me Coffee or a Bigger Hammer Coffee Posts for FacebookNow here is my version of the Serenity Prayer.  It is more to my style and being a man that likes to build and destroy things it fits better.

“Lord, Give me Coffee to Fix The Problems That I Can, Or a Bigger Hammer to Whack The Problem Away” By Leo Garcia 

The Coffee Trap That Got Me

The Coffee Trap That Got Me Coffee Facebook PostThe Coffee Trap That Got Me, and That’s How I Got Kidnapped.  I posted on Facebook a different variation of this coffee post trap image.  It was not mine, so I made my own.

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In case you haven’t figured it out… I Love Coffee.  I’m one of those people that can drink coffee from the moment I wake up, all the way till bedtime.

Hot coffee or cold coffee really makes no difference to me.  As long as it is not DECA… Sorry fellow coffee lovers, I almost cussed.

Have Another Cup of Coffee

Have Another Cup of Coffee Post FacebookKeep Calm and Have Another Cup Of Coffee. With today’s busy and hectic life, sometimes you have to take a moment to yourself.

Taking the time to enjoy another cup of coffee is always a good way to do so.  I know it works great for me.

Coffee Lovers Represent!

Coffee Lovers Represent Post Coffee FacebookIf you are a fellow coffee lover like me and have found your way to this coffee post. please do not go away without saying HI, Coffee On, Love Coffee Too, or any kind of comments below.

If you feel so inclined please share this coffee Facebook post or one of the images in this post to your Social Media sites.  I would extremely appreciate it. Coffee on 🙂

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You May Call It Coffee

Coffee Happiness in a Mug Coffee Facebook PostYou May Call It Coffee… To me, coffee is happiness in a mug! Waking up in the morning, getting your first cup of coffee, it is always one of my happy moments in the day.

Usually while sitting down sipping my first cup of coffee is when I plan my day.

It’s Coffee Time

Its Coffee Time Coffee Facebook For PostIt’s Coffee Time.  Early in the morning coffee, lunchtime coffee, dinner coffee, or simply any time of the day coffee.

I’m an avid coffee drinker, some would say I’m an addicted coffee drinker, but I guess I could be doing worse things. 🙂

With Coffee, I Can Tackle The World

With Coffee I Can Tackle The WorldI Got My Coffee, NOW, I Can Tackle The World.  I do not know about you, but without my cup of coffee, I would not get much done in the day.

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I don’t know about taking over the world, but my little corner of it, I’m sure going to try. Making these little coffee posts for you to enjoy, helps.

Facebook Coffee Posts by CoffeeNwine

Facebook Coffee Posts by CoffeeNwineCoffeeNwine.com started as a small collection of graphics, articles, videos, and polls that I shared with my daughter.

We LOVE our coffee and she LOVES her wine. So we constantly shared stuff with one another.

Sweet As Love Coffee Poem

Sweet As Love Coffee PoemThis Sweet as Love Coffee Poem by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand denotes the different ways that you can describe coffee.

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love”… all can be used to describe coffee.

Coffee And Friends

Coffee and Friends Make The Best TimesCoffee and Friends Make The Best Times!  Enjoying a cup of coffee is a great way to start, continue, and end your day. For me, it is anyways.

But to take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend or friends is an even better time.

Woke Up And Got Coffee

I Woke Up and Got Coffee That Is Enough For One DayI Woke Up and Got Coffee That Is Enough For One Day.  There are days where all we get accomplished is to make coffee.

Who is to say there is anything wrong with that.  It seems like a good day for me.

Wi-Fi, Coffee, And My Bed

Wifi Coffee and My Bed My Day Has Started GreatWi-Fi, Coffee, and My Bed… My Day has Started Great! On those rare occasions where you can just wake up get a cup of coffee and go back to bed to enjoy a relaxing day.

With Wi-fi you can check on your social media, talk to friends, answer messages, and all while sipping your coffee from bed.  What a way to spend the day.

I Will Have Another Cup of Coffee

Everyone should believe in something I believe I will have another coffeeEveryone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee or two or three more before the day is out.

Usually, I count my coffee consumption in coffee pots, 1 pot of coffee on a good day is not quite enough for my needs.

Funny Coffee Images For Facebook

FUNNY COFFEE IMAGES FOR FACEBOOK SHAREWe hope you like these 19 coffee posts images for Facebook that we have made.  Please share it.  And Thank you for visiting.

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