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10 Interesting Facts About Wine That You May Not Know


Facts About Wine – Wine has found its way through all of our recorded histories.

Here we bring you more than a few interesting facts about wine to share with friends.

10 Interesting Facts About Wine

Here are 10 Interesting Facts about Wine that you may or may not be aware of.

  • Wine Drinking May Improve Your Sex Life
  • In Fact Who Drinks More Wine?
  • What is a Wine Maker Called?
  • Monks were The Best Wine Makers
  • Wine Can Make You Sick!
  • Wine Name Indicates Location
  • The Color Will Define The Region
  • Women Drinking Wine Will Get Drunk Faster
  • Wine Has Been Around 10,000 Years
  • There are Folks that Hate Wine

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Wine Drinking May Improve Your Sex Life

Wine Drinking Can Improve Your Sex Life - Facts about Wine
Wine Drinking Can Improve or Enhance Your Sex Life. Perhaps one of the most amazing and at the same time interesting facts about wine is that drinking regularly can improve or enhance your sex life.

An Italian study showed that women who have 2 glasses of wine daily enjoy better physical pleasures than women who don’t drink wine at all. Isn’t this a quite good reason to start drinking wine?

Studies have shown that alcohol can enable some people to overcome sexual inhibitions or anxieties.” – Source: appstate.edu

In Fact Who Drinks Wine?

Facts about Wine
Who are the World’s Biggest Wine Consumers? Can you guess who the biggest wine consumers in the world are? Well, while Italy is the world’s biggest wine producer, Italian is only #3 on our wine consumers list surpassed by France with 8.14 L per capita and Portugal with 6.65. Surprisingly, Croatia and Andorra are #4 and 5 on the list with 5.80 respectively 5.69 L per capita.

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When it comes to the biggest US wine consumers the leaders are California, New York followed by Florida.

The United States is now the largest consumer and importer of wine in the world, with a prospect for growth. It is still the fourth largest wine producer; and its exports, though slowed, are growing. The United States, with over 330 million people in 2012, and a long tradition of wine production and consumption; is the country to watch over the coming decades. “ – Source: umn.edu (PDF File)

What is a Wine Maker Called?

Facts About Wine
Monks were The Best Wine Makers. An Interesting Fact about wine is that a person that makes wine is called a Vintner.

Amazingly, the art of making wine was preserved and innovated in the Middle Ages, in the monastic orders.

Thanks to the Cistercians and Benedictines we have such an elaborated and perfected winemaking technology today because they actually tasted the earth to discover how the soil changed from place to place.

Thanks to Dom Pierre Perignon (1638-1715) we now enjoy the tastiest champagnes due to his share in founding many principles and processes in its products that are still used today.

Cistercian monks began to make wine in the Clos de Vougeot region of Burgundy, France in the late Middle Ages” – Source: sou.edu (PDF File)

Wine Can Make You Sick!

Facts About Wine
Drinking A Lot of Wine May Not Be So Good
Wines and red wines, in particular, are known to contain many beneficial antioxidants that have cardio-protective effects.

However, drinking too much wine or alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning that could affect your health.

It is possible to develop alcohol poisoning through consumption of hard liquor, or large amounts of beer or wine. Both novice and experienced drinkers may suffer severe, life-threatening intoxication when large amounts of alcohol are consumed in a short period of time” – Source: washington.edu

Wine Name Indicates Location

Facts About Wine
Where Did You Get That Wine?
Most European wines are named after their geographic locations and some of the best known are Bordeaux wines that come from Bordeaux region of France.

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Most non-European wines such as Pinot Noir and Merlot are named after different grape varieties. Now you know!

The Color Will Define The Region

Facts About Wine
One of the things that are interesting about wine is that you can tell only by looking at the color of the wine, well, if you are a connoisseur, of course, is the region and climate where the grapevine is located.

Darker shades of wine, namely the blackest reds and gold whites come from warm climates while lighter colors come from cooler climates and are lighter and less lush.

Women Drinking Wine Will Get Drunk Faster

Facts About Wine
An Enzyme causes Women to Get Drunk Faster from Wine. Did you know that there’s an enzyme in the stomach that makes women drinking wine get drunk faster?

This enzyme is located in the linen of the stomach and it helps metabolize alcohol more efficiently.

Men have more of this enzyme than women. On the other hand, man gets drunk harder while women are easier.

Male-bodied people have higher levels of an enzyme (gastric alcohol dehydrogenase) that aids the metabolism of alcohol. Having more of this enzyme enables male-bodied people to more effectively break down alcohol in the stomach before it even reaches the bloodstream and impacts their BAC” Source: cornell.edu PDF FILE

Wine Has Been Around 10,000 Years

Facts About Wine

Oldest Winemaking Evidence Discovered in the Middle East. Recent archaeological discoveries have found grape seeds dating from 8000 B.C. in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Also, the oldest pips of cultivated vines were found in Georgia, dating from 7000-5000 B.C.

Winemaking was also attested in the oldest literary work known, the Epic of Gilgamesh which makes it pretty ancient.

There are Folks that Hate Wine

Facts About Wine

There are Folks that Hate Wine. Yes! Amazingly, there are people around the world who have no other business than hating wine and there’s even a name for it, it is called “oenophobia”.

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“oenophobia – The fear of wine; anxiety-related to wine.” Source: Wikipedia.org

Nutrition Facts About Wine

Funny Wine Quotes Images
Wine Doesn’t Make You Fat. Beer will give you that beer belly, while wine prevents that from happening.

In fact, recent studies show that “women who drink regularly are less likely than non-drinking women to become obese”.

So if you are about to start a diet to lose weight, then you should consider including wine on the menu as well.

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