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We Love Drinks Made From Coffee

Drinks Made From Coffee
Drinks Made From Coffee

We Love Drinks Made From Coffee. When you are rushing to go to work or school and you don’t have time anymore to prepare coffee, most of us would go to coffee shops. The Reasons Why Everyone Love Drinks Made From Coffee is because of so many choices to choose from.  From a regular cup of joe to a Latte to an Affogato… the choices never end.

Drinks Made From Coffee
Drinks Made From Coffee

We Love Drinks Made From Coffee

We Love Drinks Made From Coffee. But with a lot of choices offered, how will you know which coffee would be perfect for your taste?

To help you out, here’s a list of some types of coffee served on shops and their distinct characteristic:

  • Eggnog Latte

Eggnog Latte is usually best to drink during the cold seasons (winter and autumn). This coffee drink contains eggnog with espresso, steamed milk, and nutmeg.

  • Libbylou

This coffee drink contains equal portions of plain and white mocha and then topped with steamed half and half and espresso. You can ask the barista to add foam or whip cream.

  • Baltimore

Baltimore is a type of coffee which contains equivalent portions of decaf and caffeinated coffee. This drink is also known as Half-Caf.

  • Mazagran

Mazagran is a cold coffee drink which originated from Portugal. It is made by combining espresso, lemon, sugar, and ice. You can even add rum on it if you want.

We Love Drinks Made From Coffee

  • Café Au Lait

Drinks Made From Coffee. A French coffee style which contains strong kind of coffee (espresso), Café Au Lait is made by mixing 1:1 ratio of coffee with scalded milk.

  • Pocillo

For those you want bitter-tasting coffee, pocillo is the perfect kind for you. This drink is actually unsweetened coffee. It would also be perfect to bring it at work or school with you, just put it on insulated stainless steel water bottle to keep it hot for a longer duration.

  • Black Tie
Drinks Made From Coffee - affogato
Drinks Made From Coffee – affogato

A traditional Thai drink known for its sweet and tangy taste, Black Tie is made by mixing a number of ingredients including star anise, black tea, orange blossom water, tamarind (squeezed), cream, and a powerful two shots of espresso.

  • Affogato

Also known as Affogato style, this Italian drink is actually a coffee-based dessert. The term Affogato means “drowned” in Italian. In making this beverage, baristas add ice cream on your espresso, or the other way around.

  • Café Americano

Cafe Americano is a popular style of preparing coffee wherein you add hot boiling water to a cup of espresso. Because of this preparation method, the flavor of espresso varies, depending on the drip and the number of espresso added on the cup.

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We Love Drinks Made From Coffee

We Love Drinks Made From Coffee. Now, you won’t have a hard time ordering coffee on coffee chains like Starbucks and Caribou. Enjoy your day with a warm cup of coffee!

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