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Most important wine facts

Most important wine facts
Most important wine facts
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Most important wine facts

Most important wine facts. But many of us are actually lacking in knowledge about a lot of wine facts.

Most important wine facts

We have been exposed to wines since time immemorial. The only thing we probably care about is that as long as we can enjoy its effect, its wine.

Most important wine facts
Most important wine facts

Most Important Wine Facts

But it’s good to know more about it. Here are some facts and terms that can help to expand your knowledge about the subject:

Most important wine facts. :

1. It takes 738 pounds of grapes to make a barrel of wine. A barrel of spirits has a capacity of 24.6 cases. A case is composed of 12 bottles, or 30 pounds of grapes. A bottle wine contains four glasses of the same stuff.

2. For people who think wine is fattening, the real score is they don’t contain fat and they have zero cholesterol. However, they do contain calories while some contain carbohydrates. For example, a 1.5 fluid ounces of Shiraz from Penfolds Australia contains 123 calories, zero fat, 12 percent carbohydrates, and 88 percent protein.

Some spirits can be fattening in the sense that they contain calories and carbohydrates. Yet, they are not threatening to the heart especially when consumed moderately.

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Most important wine facts

Most important wine facts
Most important wine facts

3. Wine color is the result of the way they are fermented and blended. Whites are made from yellow or green grapes.

On the other hand, red become red because they are fermented from dark-skinned grapes. Rose or pink-colored wines get their color from their short contact with dark-colored grapes before or during fermentation.

4. In simple terms, wine is produced by crushing the grapes to extract their juice. When yeast interacts with the sugar content of the grape juice, fermentation takes place.

This process turns the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol.

Most important wine facts
Most important wine facts

The wine is then separated from the crushed grapes and placed inside a vat where it is allowed to stabilize and clarify.

5. Red wine is good for the health because it comes from grapes that are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. It is believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

These are some of the most common, yet ignored wine facts. Knowing them can be a good addition to your pool of knowledge.

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